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* i haven't updated in f0rever and really d0nt kn0w what t0 say, s0 im g0nna d0 a survey i g0t fr0m a friend *

x. name = Jessica Lea'Ann Sturgill
x. birthday = December 2, 1983
x. piercings = Ears.. had my belly button but g0t riped out.. OuCh!
x. tattoos = None, but I want one!
x. height = 5'7"
x. shoe size = 8 1/2
x. hair color = Red w/Blonde Highlights
x. length = To my shoulders w/layers
x. siblings = 1 brother~ Matt and 1 sister~Becky
x. pets = Bassett Hound ~ Maddux


x. movie you rented = Usually buy them off of In Demand
x. movie you bought = Same as above
x. song you listened to = Mariah Carey = We Belong Together!
x. song that was stuck in your head = Mariah Carey
x. song you've downloaded = PussyCat Dolls "Don't cha"
x. cd you bought = Blank Ones to Burn
x. cd you listened to = Burnt
x. person you've called = Dad
x. person that's called you = Adam
x. tv show you've watched = Britney and Kevin : Chaotic
x. person you were thinking of = Chloe!


x. you have a crush on someone = Yes'um.
x. how long have u liked him or her = 2 Years ??
x. you have a bf/gf = Nope!
x. how long have you been together = n/a
x. do you love him or her = Yes'um
x. you wish you could live somewhere else = Wise County sucks.. what do u think?
x. you think about suicide = I have before.
x. you believe in online dating = Depends
x. others find you attractive = I dont know.. Must not, cause Im single
x. you want more piercings = Belly Button again
x. you want more tattoos = Have to get one before i want more.. LOL
x. you drink = Occasionally
x. you do drugs = Nope!
x. you smoke = Nope!
x. you like cleaning = When Im in the mood
x. you like roller coasters = Hell yea!
x. you write in cursive or print = Both!

for or against..

x. long distance relationships = against!
x. using someone = Depends..
x. suicide = against
x. killing people = against
x. teenage smoking = i dont personally do it
x. doing drugs = my frinds do it
x. premarital sex = um..what do u think.. lets see.. Im not married and I have a 4 month old daughter??
x. driving drunk = against!
x. gay relaionships = whatever makes u happy! =-)
x. soap operas = For!!


x. gum = orbit
x. tv show = anything reality
x. thing in the world = love and being loved!
x. thing to collect = i dont really collect anything
x. colors of all time = PiNk!
x. thing to do on a rainy day = Sleep
x. feeling in the world = Being a mom!


x. food = Chicken
x. song = cant just pick one
x. thing to do = Spend time with Chloe!
x. thing to talk about = i talk about everything
x. sports = baseball
x. picture = All pics of Chloe
x. movies = Scary and Romantic
x. bands = ??
x. holiday = Christmas.. GroundHog Day (Thats Chloe's Birthday .. LoL)
x. cars = bentley

have you...

x. ever cried over a Boy/Girl = Yes
x. ever lied to someone = Yes
x. ever been in a fist fight = No
x. ever been arrested = No


x. shampoo do you use = Sheer Blonde
x. perfume/Aftershave do you use = Victorias Secret Romantic Wish and Lucky
x. shoes do you wear = Flip-Flops
x. are you scared of = Death, being alone, snakes, frogs


x. of times you have been in love?: Only one "true" love
x. of times you have had your heart broken?: a couple
x. of hearts you have broken?: I dont reckon none
x. of boys you have kissed?: Geez... where do i begin?
x. of girls you have kissed?: Ah...
x. of continents you have lived on?: One!
x. of drugs taken illegally?: None
x. of people you would classify as true, could trust with my life type friends?: like 2
x. of people you consider my enemies?: Dont want to mention her name.. ill just call her "Butt-chin"
x. of people from high school that you stayed in contact with?: Amber.. LOL
x. of cd's that I own?: Tons!
x. of times your name has appeared in the newspaper?: None im a loser!
x. of scars on my body?: 2
x. of things in my past that I regret?: a few things.. prolly lying to Adam while we were datin. but everything happens for a reason.. things are great now!

yes or no...

x. you keep a diary: No
x. you like to cook: Yes
x. you exercise regulary: What kind of exercise (evil grin =-/)
x. you sketch while you are on the phone: Yes
x. you have read a book in the past week: No
x. you like crossword puzzles: Yes
x. you have visited the Eiffel Tower: No
x. been up in the arch: No
x. you have a secret you have never shared with anyone: Yes
x. you wait until the last minute to fill your car up with gas: Yes
x. you snore: Everyone says I do! How do I know if Im sleepin??
x. you have been to your ancestor's homeland: No
x. you have been sick on a vacation: Yes
x. you often have people over at your house: yes
x. you like America: Yea
x. you can remember jokes: yes.. love'em
x. you play cards: Sometimes
x. you talk in your sleep: yes
x. you eat fast: yea im always hungry!
x. you recycle small batteries: No
x. you like hiking: Never really hiked.. been to flag rock and climbed to the flag.. LOL
x. you are a few minutes ahead: Im always late!
x. you are always late: Yea
x. you often get headaches: Yea
x. you smoke: No
x. you can whistle: Yes
x. you write letters regularly: Usually emails!
x. you brush your teeth three times a day: Usually twice!
x. you have something you wish to confess: No...
x. you bite your fingernails: Yea too much!
x. you are a vegetarian: No i love meat!
x. you have eaten in a restaurant alone: Unfortunatly yes
x. you have gone to a movie alone: No
x. you have taken a vacation alone: Lord no
x. you read the newspaper everyday: Only look at pics
x. you have not used a hair dryer in the past five years: I always use one
x. you have made love in an airplane: Never rode in a plane!
x. you have hit your father or mother in anger: Yes unfortuanatlly
x. when you think you have done something wrong, you are quick to apologize: Depends
x. you lose control in heated arguments: Yes
x. in the morning when your alarm clock sounds, you get out of bed immediately: No I always hit snooze
x. you hate parties: No.
x. you have stolen money from your parents: No
x. you have fired a gun: yea with a ex we went shooting.. lol
x. you often have the last word: depends
x. you give money to homeless people: No
x. money has influenced your character: no i wish i had MORE money
x. you know who you are: Yeah.. DUH!
x. you enjoy being photographed: sometimes
x. life been good to you: sometimes...

*Well thats all*
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