♥Jessica LeaAnn♥ (jesska) wrote,
♥Jessica LeaAnn♥

*Random Update*

-Shewy..Its been like forever since I have actually given a *real* update so I figured while I have the time and nothing more to do, that Id update this ol'e journal of mine....

-Things in my neck of the woods have been wonderful to say the least! Chloe is growing so fast its crazy. Shes already spoiled, but hey, Im not the only one to blame for it =-) ! She now weighs 8lbs. 12.6oz. and shes 21in.! Finally all of her preemie clothes are too little and shes finally into her newborn outfits! Shes into her little stage that she will just look up at me and smile the cutetest smile that Ive ever seen. Shes so precious! I never knew having a baby could change me *sooo* much... I mean really. I wouldnt trade her for anything in this world.! She will be 2 months old already on the 2nd of April.. Time is flying! I still dont have any pictures for you folks because I cant get the ole scanner to work, so that blows.! My I promise I will have some ASAP!

-I finally have spent some time with Amber and Vikki lately. I missed hanging out with them. Amber was with me at the hospital the whole time. Vikki came to visit too! Seems like everytime we go out the dag on cops have to come along and mess it up! U'd think with ole Vikki dating Greg that that wouldnt happen.. LoL! Ah..no biggie!

-Now on to the labor story........(Im putting it behind a cut in case u dont want to know)

On January 30th I started having bad labor pains so me and mom went on to the hospital. We got there they told me I was in active labor and the I was dialated a 3. Mom began to call my family and Adam and his family. In the process the doctors came in and gave me a epideral. By the time they were done Amber, Tina, Adam, Adams mom, and his sister Danielle were all there in the hall waiting to come in and see me. This was like at 10 pm. Well the nurses kept coming in and checking me but my cervix wasnt dialating anymore. I was having contractions like crap and everytime I would have a bad one Chloes heartbeat would drop to like 60 beats a minute and that was BAD. They decided to keep me in over-night for observation. Well, I tried and I tried to tell the docs that was water was leaking but they argued me that it wasnt. Well, the next morning rolls around and they send me home at like 1:00 in the evening. I came home took a shower and went straight to bed and layed around and watched t.v. I didnt do anything. I was afraid to. Well that night I went to bed at like 9 and I slept till 11 the next morning. I got up and decided to go ahead and pack a hospital bag in case something else happened. Well, by this time it was like 12:30 or so. Well I was sitting on the bed folding clothes and I got up to get a pair of house shoes and I had the biggest urge to pee. By that time I was running to the bathroom. As soon as I got in there my water totally broke. It was like a river. So needless to say, I paniced! I screamed for my grandmother and we called my mom at work and she came straight home and got me. We took off to the hospital . We made it to Indian Path in 33 minutes... It was crazy.. Mom had me car sicck. Whats funny tho, during this time we were laughing and cracking jokes. I was in NO pain at all. Well we got to the hospital and they were waiting on me at the ER with a wheelchair. They took me straight up and put me in the same room that I had before room 231! As soon as I got there I had to sign a bunch of papers and they hooked me up on I.V. and stuff.. The gave me a drug called patossum or something known as "the pit drop" well, as soon as they done that.. BAM, the labor pains hit. Contractions were 1 1/2 minutes apart and needless to say I was ScReAmIn! They came in a gave me yet another epideral. (the best thing in the world) It knocked me out. By that time my contractions were off the charts and I was dialated a 7. The doc came in a told us that it would be about 4 or 5 hours before I delivered. It was now 2:15. Well, 6 o'clock rolls around and all the sudden I felt like I was going to explode. Mom ran out and got the nurse she says Im now fully dialated and ready to push. I started bawling my eyes out. Id never been so scared in my life! They came in and sat the table and stuff up and got the baby warmer ready. I began pushing. It was rough. Mom, Tina, and Adam were in there with me takin pictures and stuff. They stayed in the whole time until I had her. The docs comes in the talked me thru it, and here she came. It was the best experience in the world. She was so tiny. She cleaned her and put her in the warmer and stuff cause she was preemie. They cleaned me up and let me hold her. It was love at first sight! I only held her for a few cause she had to be taken to the nursery to be checked out. They then gave her to Adam and he carried her out in the hall for my dad and the rest of the family to see then he took her to the nursery~!  The rest isnt all that important. Sorry if I made anyone bored, but everyones been asking me for details, so there you have it!

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