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*Its Been A While*

*Just sitting around being bored and just gave Chloe her bath and got her to sleep, so I decided that I would give an update!*

*-->Life & Chloe~ Things in life are going great. Chloe is growing up so fast. Its hard to believe that in 4 days she will be *5 months* old. Im absolutley loving being a mom. Things change so much. Shes now 14 lbs and she can hold her own bottle and shes learning to raise her head and sit up by herself. I still havent downloaded any pics of her. Im just always so busy all the time. I work at Wal-Mart now and Ive been there for about 3 months. Its an alright job but I really like the girls I work with. They're great!

*-->Love life~ Well things with Adam and I are alright. We're still not back together and we probably wont be but we're still really good friends. We've been getting along alot better here lately. On Chloe's behalf and ours too! He spends alot of time with her and he does really well. Its cute though cause she looks just like him. Yesterday him and Samuel (his lil nephew) came and picked up Chloe and I and we went to his sister Danielle's house for a couple hours so everyone could spend time together. Her kids have grown up so much and they get cuter by the day. Everyone loved Chloe; especially Samuel. He's 2 and has a mohawk. Hes adorable. It hurt when it came time to leave tho. He cried cause "he wanted the baby to stay with him". LoL! Hopefully we can all spend more time together soon!

*-->Friends~ Well Amber and I still hang out from time to time. Shes like the only friend that I associate with except for the ocassional Vikki. But its hard talking to Vikki cause of our work and stuff. I was living with Amber, but some things happened and they blew way up in our face. We plan on going to Gatlinburg for her *21st* birthday, so that should be fun. I need a vacation from Wise CO. for a while. I went up to her work last night and hung out with her for a while after I got home from Pound. She was on the phone with Joeie and Adam was there cause he and Joeie have become like "joined at the hip".LoL So we decided that when Amber got finished then we'd ride up Joeies for a while. We were there for like an hour then left. Joeies downstairs neighbor kept peeking at us out of the blind with a beer in one hand and a video camera in the other.. LOL. I got home at like 3 in the morning.

*-->As for today Ive not done much of anything. Just sit around the house and spend time with my family. My cousin Josh and I went to Dairy Queen and so some vanilla cones they were SO good. I work today from 7 in the evenig till 1:15 in the morning. Shew I HATE that shift. I worked it for 3 weeks straight. Thursday is payday tho and I cant wait!

*-->Anyways..Im going to go for now, but I will update again as soon as I can get the time.
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