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-Im bored so I figured, what the hell, why not update!

-I really dont know where to start, so I will just start with whatever comes to mind.

-Things lately have been going pretty good. Ive been staying very busy to say the least. Work is driving me nut-so! Everything is so hectic with us moving to the new store. Ive never seen Wal-Mart so,.....empty? Yeah, thats a good word! We have basically nothing left in the store but however people can still find plenty to blow their money on! Summer is coming to an end. Ive not really done much except spend time with friends, family, and of course Adam and Chloe! Gosh guys, my little babygirl is growin up so fast. Its kinda sad if u sit back and think about it. I started looking thru her nbaby book and photo album the other night and I literally no joke had tears in my eyes! It seems like almost yesterday she was born now shes crawlin around and into everything. *sighs*!
-Amber finally turned 21 on the 6th of August. Me, Adam, Joey, and Amber all went to Kingsport and ate at Chili's. It was yummy! Amber and I ordered Margaritas and the flavor I got was *icky* *yuck* so Amber proceeded to finish it for me and I just had some good ole' Bud Light! Later that night we rode around and done some few things and went to her house for a few then Adam and Joey dropped me off at the house! It was all-in-all a alright night. Could have been better if under other circumstances.. LoL! Adam and I have been spending alot of time together lately , its been great. What can I say, I love the boy. No we arent back together or nothing, we just hung out and spend time with Chloe. Its cute to watch them together! Who knows what will happen tho!We're suppose to be going to Gatlinburg sometime. Prolly next week cause Im off Sun, Mon, and Tues..so yeah!
-Ive spent alot of time with my sister and her friends. Its been cool! I love Becky!
-I should be in the bed by now, I have to work at 7 in the morning, but I just got out of the shower and Adam just left, so, it will still be like 2 hours before I go! I guess I will be dead in the morning! The fair is all this week so I suppose I will be venturing off to it! I always go to the fair! I went last year but didnt get to ride anything, I was pregnant. So yeah. Ive got to take my lid'lin and show her off. Oh well, I love her and Im proud!
-Well, this was TOTALLY random and I really dont know what else to write so I suppose Im gonna go dry my hair and get into the bed!
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